Digging in the Dirt

Emmie was rocking this cute new Walmart outfit from Nana, looking like a little groovy flower child.

Addison was a little grumpy about picture, but we let her pick up “her favorite blue book” and this was as good as we cold get with that compromise 😉 She was at least happy by the time we got to school though, and she was fine for drop-off.

I started this new audio book today, which is my first Brandon Sanderson, and I’ve heard is a great place to start in his gigantic catalog of epic fantasy novels. This one is “cozy fantasy,” which is supposed to be less dramatic and just sounds so delightful.

Megan was bragging to me about her yummy Jimmy John’s sandwich she got for lunch today. But then I had to send her a picture of this ham sandwich I made, because it was so stinking good! At Connect Group at church this past Sunday night, we had really good sliced ham and we got to take home leftovers, so I’ve made a couple sammies this week with harvarti cheese & tons sweet pickles, on toasted multi-grain bread, and it’s been delish! Probably gonna finish off the week with one more sandwich tomorrow.

Addie Pie linking chains together with her friends at school today.

Jeff worked late, until like 7pm, so it was just me and the girls. While I was cooking dinner tonight, Emerson was a big helper, and worked hard to clean off our back patio table for the first time this spring. I made a simple chicken alfredo, and we loved having dinner outside again for the first time in a while.

Then we just stayed outside in the backyard playing for a long time. The girls were picking weeds and grass and digging in the dirt, and just making a mess having so much fun.

So of course we instantly went to the bathtub to get cleaned up and wash all the dirt away. Both girls got dressed in clean jammies, with their little wet hair brushed so nice, and went to grab snacks. Little Miss Addison got carried away with how many cookies she grabbed though! When I saw her with her stack, I was like, “Hey wait ma’am, how many do you have there?!” She looked down for half a second, looked up at me with a puzzled expression and just said, “Five,” with an air of “and so what mom?!” But I took away three and let her keep two, but she was still happy with that 🙂

Jeff got home while the girls were in the bath, so he was able to help me get them dressed, then he fixed himself a bowl of the pasta for dinner and we all sat down to watch Bluey together. The girls are both asleep now, and I have a bunch of dishes to wash. So I’m going to prop my phone in the window above the sink and watch last night’s Survivor while I work in the kitchen.

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