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Sunday Fun Day

Well, Emerson didn’t wake up quite as early today, so that was good. But instead, Jeff woke up with a migraine. So he stayed home from church to sleep it off. But since I had to be at church 30 minutes early for praise team rehearsal, I ran by my parents’ house so they could take care of Emmie until it was time for Sunday school. The easiest option was just to switch cars (so they could keep mine with the car seat), so I got to drive my mom’s cool Jeep Wrangler to church, which I had actually never driven before. I used to have a Jeep Liberty that I loved, but driving the Wrangler feels more like a truck than an SUV. But I liked it!

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Dancing at Dinner

Emerson decided she needed to surprise us today I waking up super early. So we were up by 6 am. Well Emerson and I were up by 6 am, but Jeff got to sleep in until 8:15. Emerson sat in my lap and watched Frozen for about 20 minutes first thing this morning, but then by 6:30 she was playing food truck and sitting in her unicorn chair and making a giant mess in the living room. She pulled out about 15 books, five different toys, and about ten different stuffed animal friends.

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Another Triplet Baby Shower

First of all, Emmie did not sleep well last night. She woke up about 3 different times (approx 8:30pm, 12:15am, and 3:15am), just kind of whining & fussing. We took turns checking on her and rocking her and calming her down, but those nights are rough on all of us. So I’m praying hard for better sleep tonight x especially since her nap was just over an hour long this afternoon…

Anyways, Emerson is really liking the new animal we got her at Five Below last night. And since we think we’re clever, we named her Lluna (Llovegood) the Llama.

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Baby Model

Jeff and the boys were up & moving early this morning. Emmie woke up right in time to give everyone hugs & loves (and see Nana since she came to ride with them), before they had to leave. Then we had a simple breakfast of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts (Emmie’s fave) while watching a little bit of a movie. (You know, for like the 5 minutes she might sit still…)

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Running Late

When I woke up this morning at my normal time (around 6am), I could barely wake up, and I could not keep my eyes open. So I decided to snuggle back in bed next to my radiator of a hubby, for an extra 15 minutes of sleep. But when his alarm went off, apparently I slept right through it, while he got up to get ready. So then I finally woke up at 7:35, which is usually when I’m dropping off Emmie at daycare. So clearly we were late today! And since we were late, her friends had already eaten breakfast, so she got a special breakfast date by herself with Ms. Q.

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Early Wake-Up Call

Well, our morning started out a bit early, when Little Bit woke up around 5:30/5:45 whining, and didn’t want to lay in her bed anymore. So I went to rock her for a little while, then she snuggled up on my side of the bud, and rested with Daddy while I got ready for work. It was early, and I was more tired than usual all day, but this sweet little moment was just too precious. (Super grainy photo because hey, it was dark, and still not even 6am.)

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